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This is awesome!

NAME: Alice

I wear pink: Yup, sometimes.

I have dyed my hair: Yes, blonde, highlighted it blonde, highlighted it dark brown and currently have auburn highlights in it

I've danced around in my underwear: who hasn't?! LOL

I like(d) the Spice Girls: i must confess, i did for a little while, but not anymore….never bought their albums or anything.

I wear makeup: Always, except on rare days at home and when I’m sick (I don’t really give a shit what I look like then…..I usually feel like death).

I’ve snuck out to meet boys: Yes, when I was a teenager living at home and my parents only wanted me to date jewish boys

I keep a diary: A journal, on under the username of iluvpomeranians

I love chocolate: If you know me at all, you know I’m a chocoholic.

chick flicks make me cry: Always, though I try to hold it back, but I usually end up bawling like a little baby.

I’ve drank because of a guy: Yup, Jack, who would tell me to catch up when I got to his house and also Steve, who was a fuckin’ alcoholic

I still need my girl time: definitely…….even though I’m married, love to hang out with the girls and catch up, he needs his guy time too.

It takes me at least an hour to get ready: Usually

I still have sleepovers w/ my girls: No, but people do stay over our house from time to time if they are visiting from out of town or just too damn tired to drive home

I love doing my hair: no, i hate it, but if its not done, I look like hell.

Guys suck: Some of them and not all the time, but yes, they do.

My boyfriends better than yours: I’m married, so this doesn’t apply – he’s mine, ‘nuf said.

Trucks are pretty much hot: Ewwww, why would I think that?!

I have low self-esteem: No, just issues with my pathetic lack of height, but that’s why God created high heels.

High self esteem? no, but a high level of self respect

I’ve given a guy a fake number: yeah, he wouldn’t take a hint or a polite, “thanks, but I’m not interested,” and was waiting for me outside the bathroom, so when he wouldn’t let up, I smiled, wrote the name of someone I hated and their number on a paper for him……….people should know better than to mess with me!

I’ve been honked at going down the road: even in sweats, coming back from the gym and looking like I had a helluva workout…..great for the self-esteem, but then again, what are they thinking when I look like that?!

I’ve been hit on in public: yes, and picked up one boyfriend in the grocery store.

I’ve been called a slut: by an immature egotistical ass, yes.

I probably deserved being called a slut: no, I’m married and I never cheated on anyone, but the bitch at work and I sling insults at each other all the time – she is, she is cheating on her husband with an attorney at work.

I've gone commando: No, too uncomfortable.

I've been asked for my number by a guy I’ve just met: yes

I've asked a guy for his number who I just met: nope

I like pop music: a little, prefer rock, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative

I love singing: i do, but i wish i were better! LOL

I love dancing: Hell yes!

I’ve pulled hair when I got in a fight: never been in a fight

I’ve taken a shot to a guys nuts: NEVER, didn’t see Jason again to get that little stunt in, but at least his parents know he’s got nothing worth it down there (do not live at home with an answering machine where your parents can hear it).

My boobs are too big: No! lol….they are perfect for my frame.

My boobs are too small: not in my opinion! LOL

Football players are hot: nope

I have my belly button pierced: nope

I have my tongue pierced: Never

I have a tattoo: yup, on my lower back.
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